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Special/Part Time Application

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Date: 04/23/2014


This application is for students who wish to enroll in courses at M State and are not seeking a degree.  Visiting students are allowed to take up to 7 credits per term by completing this application.

If you wish to apply, please submit this application.  A non-refundable $20.00 application fee will be required if you have not previously attended (M State, Fergus Falls Community College, or Northwest Technical College).  If applicable, the application fee will be applied to your account, payable with your tuition.

Please note, Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid.  If you would like to take more than 7 credits, please submit the complete M State online application for admissions found at:

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Please fill in the courses for which you would like to register. Click Here to view our complete listing of classes.

We will contact you if you are not eligible for the course listed.

Subject Number Section Course ID Title Credits
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If a prerequisite is needed for the course you are requesting, please attach documentation (i.e. Unofficial Transcript from the institution where the prerequisite was completed).

I understand that as a "Visiting" student, I am not eligible for Financial Aid.


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