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Music Questionnaire

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Prospective Student Hastings College
 Music Activities Survey

As you are in the process of finding a great college that will include your music interests and aspirations, thanks for taking the time to share a glimpse of your music experiences with us. This will help us to provide you the individualized attention you can expect from Hastings College!

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All our ensembles are open to non-music majors as well as music majors! What music activities might you be interested in at the college level?
   Concert Band    Choir    Orchestra    Handbell Choir    Marching Band
   Jazz Band    Music Theatre    Piano/Organ    Chamber Music    Jazz/Show Choir
Vocal Part (if applicable):
   Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass    I (High Range)    II (Low Range)
Do you or have you played the piano or organ?    Yes    No
My current level of interest in Hastings College is:
   Yes, I'm interested in music at Hastings College; please tell me more!
Please include any additional questions and/or comments.