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Mental Wealth Day - Registration

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Social Science Career and Graduate School Fair
Mental Wealth Day

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1.    No, we are unable to set up a table, but would like to send a guest speaker.

2.    Yes, we would like to participate and will send a representative to set up a table. We will be providing information on (check all that apply): *

3.    Yes, our organization would like to participate, but cannot provide a representative. However, we will send information such as catalogs, products with logos, etc. so that our organization will be represented in our absence.

4.    Yes, someone from our organization would like to provide an informational lecture, seminar, or product screening. The committee will make final presentation selections.*

5.    Yes, we would like to make a donation to help make the CCSPA organization a success. Donations can include monetary donations (payable to: RSU- CCSA), items for auctions, drawings, or events, or anything relevant to our organization. The CCSPA spends its spring semester helping local organizations such as CASA, DVIS, Safenet, and others.*

6.    We have a group or organization that we would like to bring to walk-thru and/or attend presentations.

*If you are setting up a table AND doing a presentation, we can arrange for a volunteer to sit at your table during your presentation time. If you are donating to CCSPA, call or email and we can arrange for pick up if needed.