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*  I understand that I am registering to test at the Kilgore Testing Center in Kilgore, TX.
*  I understand that I must complete the online payment process after filling out this form in order for my online registration to be accepted.
*  I understand that completing this form online DOES NOT mean that I am scheduled for the requested test date and that 
 I DO NOT have a testing appointment until I am contacted by the Testing Center once they receive both my registration form

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**If yes, you must contact the Special Populations Office BEFORE submitting this form.

This exam is given Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please choose a date, and then enter
the time that you'd like your exam to begin. The testing center will email you with your assigned testing date and time

Update:  We are unable to accept reservations for dates prior to September 28, 2015.
Please do not enter dates before September 28th or your request will be rejected.


Choose a test date and time:

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This exam has 100 questions. Every exam includes 60 questions over basic computer concepts, plus 40 questions over two applications chosen by candidate.
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Eligibility Statement
I understand that the $25.00 testing fee is non-refundable, and that if I have to retest, I'll have to pay another $25.00 fee. I also understand that, while I am registering and paying online, it is my responsibility to print and present a completed registration form and payment confirmation to the testing center when I arrive on testing day.

Score Cancellation Policy
I understand that cellular devices are STRICTLY prohibited and should not be brought to the testing center. I further understand that my test scores will be cancelled and I will be promptly dismissed from testing center for failure to abide by this policy.

Candidate Behavior Statement
I agree to arrive at the testing center 15 minutes before my scheduled test with a valid form of photo ID. I agree to cooperate fully with testing staff at all times and to follow all instructions given. I agree to turn off any cellular or electronic equipment and to place all personal belongings into a locker. I will respect the privacy of others and their right to test under conditions conducive to success. I further understand and agree to comply with all testing center policies and procedures. I understand fully that I will be dismissed from the center if I fail to adhere to policies and/or procedures set forth by Testing Center-Kilgore Campus.


Once payment is made, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt by email. PRINT THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION!

Candidates without a printed email confirmation will not be allowed to test upon arrival.
Kilgore College seeks to provide equal educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status or veteran status.