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Academic Appeal

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Academic and Student Services Appeal

Date: 04/24/2014

If you are appealing to return after suspension please submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal.  CLICK HERE

Please complete all areas. Failure to provide complete and accurate
information may
result in an automatic
denial of your appeal. Please be thorough.

First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:
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Street Address: Email Address: (personal or student account) Phone Number(###)###-####:
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City: State: Zip Code:
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Student ID #: Program/Major: Applicable Semester/Year:
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Course ID and Name (if applicable): eCampus Course: Campus Location
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Student: Please submit all appropriate details including any written documentation and attending physician statement (if medical in nature) to the Student Services department on your campus.  You may contact your advisor for assistance in preparing this appeal/grievance.


If you wish, you may present your case to the committee at their next scheduled meeting.  Please contact Student Services on your campus for a date and time of the next committee meeting.  If necessary a staff member may investigate this appeal. 

State the policy your appeal is in reference to. For a complete list of M State policies, please visit
Policy # Appealed (see definitions of policy #'s below): Policy # Appealed (see definitions of policy #'s below):
Please state clearly the outcome you are seeking.  If necessary
submit supporting documentation to your campus student services area.
A thorough explanation of your situation will assist the appeal
committee in making a decision. Please explain clearly why
you were unable to follow college policy initially.
* *
Please tell us if you will be providing
supporting documentation to the committee.
Mail documentation to M State, PO Box 309, Perham MN 56573
or faxed to: 218.347.6236 or drop off to your campus Student Services.

If you believe your instructor/advisor has information that supports your appeal; ask them to submit that information to the Associate Registrar on your campus.
It is a good idea for you to print a copy of the complete appeal and keep copies of any supporting documentation.

You will be notified via email, phone, or letter regarding the outcome of your appeal

If you wish to challenge the Appeal's Committee's decision, you have the right to request the appeal be considered by a M State Academic or Student Services Dean.  This request must be submitted in writing and must contain additional information to support your appeal.

The request must be submitted to the Associate Registrar within 10 calendar days of the date listed on the original appeal decision.
3390 Drop/Add
Dropping or adding of courses beyond the deadline.  Changing your schedule may affect your financial aid,
please visit with your Financial Aid personnel.
If you wish to receive a refund please add both policy #3390 and #2090 in your appeal form above. 
If you are requesting a "W", please only note policy #3390 in your appeal above.
3120 Grades
Requesting the change of a grade prior to current semester.  Issues regarding a grade awarded
during the semester must be handled through the instructor of the particular course.
3150 Graduation
Request for an exception to program graduation requirements.
2120 No-Show
Request for re-enrollment following a drop for no-show.
3400 Student Credit Load
Request to take more than 20 credits for a semester (requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher)
3160 Transfer of Credit/Course Substitution
Challenge of approved credit transfer or course applicability (substution)
2090 Tuition Refund
Requesting a course be removed from your record.  This request, if approved may affect financial aid that
has been awarded.  It is your responsibility to meet with financial aid to determine how your aid will be affected.
Nursing Program Requirements
Nursing students who have been suspended from the Nursing Program for issues addressed in the Nursing Handbook should select this option.  If you are a Nursing student appealing a College Policy, please select the appropriate Policy listed here.

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