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Petition to Repeat a Course Request

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Date: 04/19/2014

Petition to Repeat a Course

All resident courses may be repeated an unlimited number of times with course credits awarded only one time.  All attempts for a given course will appear on the student's transcript.  Only the highest grade earned will be counted toward a certificate, diploma or degree credit and in the computation of the overall numeric grade point average (GPA).  This policy only applies to courses that are taken through Minnesota State Community and Technical College.  Repeating transfer courses from another institution will not fall under this policy.  Students will want to check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding repeat course eligibility.

Students repeating a course will have their GPA recalculated at the end of each term by the Registrar's Office.  If the course repeat is not reflected on the transcript or if the repeated course was originally taken under the quarter system, the student should submit a completed Petition to Repeat a Course Request form to the Registrar's Office to request appropriate GPA recalculation.
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