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External Event Request Form

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External Event
Request Form

Organization Name & Contact Information:
Please include NAME, PHONE, EMAIL and ADDRESS information.

Description of your Organization: *
University Contact and/or How did
you hear about Point Park University?

Is a PPU department co-sponsoring
this event? If so, which department:
Faculty and staff members requesting to hold events with
or for an external group must provide written approval
by the chair and/or vice president of their department.

Department Budget Number (if applicable):
(If External only, please list N/A)
How does your organization relate
to or benefit the University community?
Type of space desired:
(i.e. computer lab, ballroom, auditorium, etc.)

Desired dates and times: *
Anticipated Attendance: *
How are you advertising for this event?
If this event is going to be advertised to external guests, all
advertising material must be reviewed by the CES Staff.

Nature of conference, meeting or event:
Is there a fee to attend? *
Is this event open to the public? *
Are Point Park students invited to attend? *
Does this organization have a student chapter? *
Does your organization have a budget
to support the additional resources needed?

What is your budget?

Does your organization have insurance
to cover this event?

Are food and beverages needed? *
Is media equipment needed? If so, what kind? *