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Iona College - Vehicle Registration Form

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Register Your Vehicle

Please Allow 24 Hours Upon Form Completion Before Picking Up Pass.   YOU MUST BRING RECEIPT AND YOUR ID TO PICK UP PERMIT.

Freshman and Sophomore Resident Students are NOT ALLOWED to Have Vehicles On or Around Campus.

Junior and Senior Resident Students MUST Park On Campus. Resident Decals Must Be Applied By Security Staff.


Student Information
First Name: * Last Name: *
Phone Number: * E-mail Address: *
Street Address:    * Iona College ID#:              *
City:                  * State: * Zip Code: *
Academic Year: * Residence Status: *

Vehicle Information
License Plate #: * License State: *
Make of Car: * Model: *
Color:              * Year:              *

* By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I will be issued a parking permit and an electronic copy of the Iona College
Parking & Traffic Regulations. I further acknowledge that parking a vehicle on Iona College property is at my own risk, and
that Iona College is not responsible for any loss or damage to my vehicle. This parking permit is non-transferable.
A new permit is required every academic year. Unpaid parking tickets will be billed to student account.