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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

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Date: 04/19/2014

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

As a College that awards Federal Financial Aid to students, M State is required to monitor students Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in three areas—cumulative grade point average (GPA), 67% completion rate of all attempted credits, and maximum time frame. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and monitor his/her own progress. This policy can be found in the student handbook which is available online at under “Student Services”.

Academic appeals may be reviewed without documentation, however, financial aid requires documentation with all appeals.

In some cases, a student’s failure to be in compliance with one or more areas of Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is due to events beyond the student’s control. If such mitigating circumstances can be documented for the specific semester(s) when the deficiencies occurred, the student may submit this completed Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form along with all required documentation. Submission of the appeal does not guarantee approval.  You will need to attach supporting documentation below, mail to M State, Attn: Central Processing, PO Box 309, Perham MN 56573, fax to: 218.347.6236 or drop it off at your campus Student Services.  If you mail or fax supporting documentation, please write your tech ID on each page.

You will receive notification once a decision has been made on your appeal. If your appeal is approved and your financial aid is reinstated, it will not be retroactive to any prior semester when these standards were not met. If your appeal is approved for Academic and/or Financial Aid, it is the students’ responsibility to re-register for courses. Once you are placed on academic suspension, you will be dropped from all of your courses.

Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals and all supporting documentation must be received by Student Services no later than one week prior to the beginning of the new semester for which you are requesting reinstatement. Please be sure to include your name and social security number or student ID on all documentation submitted.

First Name: Middle Name: Last Name: Student ID/SSN#:
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This appeal is:

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Step One:

Please check the term

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submitting a SAP appeal:


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documentation here:

Step Two:
Please indicate the mitigating circumstances that may have contributed to your inability to maintain satisfactory academic progress by checking the category below that applies to you. You also must follow the instructions for each category.

If you have supporting documentation it can be attached above, mail to M State, Attn: Central Processing, PO Box 309, Perham MN 56573, fax to: 218.347.6236 or drop it off at your campus Student Services.  If you mail or fax supporting documentation, please write your tech ID on each page.

   Serious illness or injury to student or immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) that required extended recovery time.  Attach a statement from the physician and explain the nature and dates of the illness or injury in step three of this form.  If confined to bed rest or limited mobility by your physician, please make sure that your physician includes the beginning and ending dates in his or her statement.
   Death of an immediate family member (parents, spouse, sibling, or child). Attach a copy of the obituary or death certificate and include the name of the deceased and relationship to you in step three of this form.
   Significant trauma in student’s life that impaired the student’s emotional and/or physical health. Provide a detailed explanation in step three of this form regarding the specific circumstances of your condition.  Please be sure to include dates and what you have done to overcome this condition.  Supporting documentation from a third party (physician, social worker, psychiatrist, police, etc.) must be attached.
   Other unexpected documented circumstances beyond the control of the student. Provide a detailed explanation in step three of this form explaining the nature and dates of the unexpected circumstances.  Supporting documentation must be attached.
   Suspension due to excessive number of credits without completing a degree, diploma or certificate. Provide a detailed explanation in step three as to why you have accumulated an excessive amount of credits and have not graduated. You must also meet with your advisor and complete an academic plan. If possible, it is strongly encouraged that you obtain and attach a statement from your advisor with his or her opinion of your ability to improve academic performance, the number of credits in which you have been advised to enroll, and the remaining number of credits required to complete your major.  

Step Three:
Provide a brief explanation of the circumstances indicated in step two that led to the Satisfactory Academic Progress violation and why those circumstances are no longer affecting your academic performance. In addition, indicate what you have done to address the problems that have prevented you from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Program Intentions: Expected Grad Date: Appealing Suspension: Appealing 150%:
By submitting this form I declare that I have met with my advisor and we have developed this plan for academic improvement. In order to improve my grade point average and/or percentage of completed credits and increase the chance for success, we have agreed on the following goals.
Semester: ACADEMIC SCHEDULE (List schedule of courses by semester needed to complete program)
Failure to complete an Academic Schedule may result in your appeal being denied. 
* *
Step Four:
Certification and signature. I am requesting to have my enrollment eligibility and/or financial aid reinstated. I understand that my Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal will not be reviewed if it is incomplete or lacks documentation. I also understand that the College has removed me from my most recent course registration. I am, therefore, submitting my complete Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal with appropriate documentation. By submitting this form, I certify that the information provided on this form is truthful and accurate. If I provide false or misleading information, I understand that I may be fined up to $10,000, sent to prison, or both.

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