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Non-Champlain Students Application - No Cosigners

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Application Package and Checklist

The following steps outline the application process for Champlain Abroad in Montréal, Canada or Dublin, Ireland. Use the checklist to ensure you have completed and obtained all the necessary forms before sending your application. If all materials are not received together, please ensure that your first and last name is on all application materials.

for applications:
        Fall applications must be received by MARCH 15
        Spring applications must be received by OCTOBER 15
        Summer applications must be received by APRIL 1


        1. Champlain Abroad Application Package:
                a. Application Form
                b. Course Selection Form
                c. Advisor Approval Form
                d. Faculty Recommendation Form (two copies)
                    *Completed forms must be put into labeled, sealed
                    envelopes for you to send in with the remainder 
                    of your application.

        2. A 300-500 word essay explaining why you wish to attend Champlain Abroad in Montreal or Dublin.
        3. An official copy of your transcript for your degree granting college/university.
        4. Submit your completed application to:
        Office of International Education, Box 1
        163 South Willard Street
        PO BOX 670
        Burlington, VT 05402-0670