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2014-2015 Standards of Academic Progress Appeal

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In order to petition the reinstatement of Financial Aid eligibility due to not meeting the minimum Standards of Academic Progress requirements, you must submit an appeal based on extenuating circumstances, a typed written statement, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and supporting documentation. For more information about MDC's Standards of Academic Progress visit:

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Academic Program of Study: Code and Name
My Financial Aid has been suspended for the following reason(s): (Check only one box)
   I did not meet the minimum Standards of Academic Progress requirements (i.e. attempted more than 150% of the program requirements, GPA below minimum standards, completion rate below 2/3 of all courses attempted.)
   I did not meet the terms of my previously approved appeal
   I met the terms of my previously approved appeal and followed the IEP but I must submit the Academic/Faculty Advisor confirmation page and current IEP
Please sign and consult with your Academic/Faculty Advisor to obtain confirmation of successful completion and current IEP. See page 2

Student Acknowledgement

I read and understand the Standards of Academic Progress Appeal policy. I understand that failure to follow my Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) may result in the loss of financial aid which means taking the exact courses each semester (not more/not less) as they appear on my IEP. If the appeal is approved, your continued eligibility will be determined at the end of the first term of approval.

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By signing this form, you are certifying that all the information provided on this form is complete and correct, to the best of your knowledge. If you purposely give false or misleading information on this application, you may be required to repay any funds received.