System Requirements

At Next Gen Web Solutions, we work very hard to ensure our Dynamic Forms product works securely with all main stream browsers, devices and phones.

Please see the listing of tested tools below. To view a completed Dynamic Form, we do require whatever device you are using to have Adobe Reader installed to view the form as a PDF.

NOTE: This list of browsers and devices does not represent all the browsers and devices that work with our applications.

Google Chrome™ — All versions
Firefox® — All versions
Internet Explorer® — 5.01 and higher
Opera browser© — 7.5 and higher
Safari® — Mac OS® 10.3.4 and higher
Android™ — All versions
iPhone® — All versions
iPad™ — All versions
Kindle® — All versions
Motorola® phones — Manufactured in 2009 and later
Nokia® devices — Manufactured in 2007 and later
Nook® — All Color and Tablet Versions
Sprint® devices — Manufactured in 2010 and later
Windows Mobile® — 2005 AKU 2 and higher

That equals 99% total browser ubiquity.